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‘Dallas’ star wins $1.1 million from Citi


The Hollywood Reporter

J.R. Ewing would have been all smiles.

Larry Hagman, who portrayed the rich fictitious oil baron Ewing in the CBS cult TV show “Dallas,” won an arbitration panel ruling in a securities case against a unit of Citigroup that will earn him $1.1 million and $10 million in punitive damages for charities of his choosing, theĀ Wall Street Journal reported Friday.

The financial services giant also has to pick up $440,000 in legal fees and $20,000 in arbitration costs, according to the report.

In a May 2009 claim, Hagman alleged breach of fiduciary duty and civil fraud, among other things, related to securities held in Citigroup accounts and the purchase of a life insurance policy, the Journal said.

Citgroup told the Journal it disagrees with the ruling and is reviewing its options. Hagman’s lawyer declined comment, the paper said.

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