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Bank of America Sells Record Number of Structured Notes

Bank of America Corp. raised $4.7 billion selling structured notes to U.S. investors through June, the most of any issuer and more than its 2009 total, as sales of the securities rose to a record pace.

Banks have sold $22 billion of structured notes to individual investors in the U.S. this year, according to data from regulatory filings compiled by Bloomberg. Sales are on pace to exceed what was a record $38 billion in 2008, according to StructuredRetailProducts.com, a database used by the industry.

The securities are created by banks, which package their own debt with derivatives to offer customized bets to investors while also raising money. Last year, Bank of America sold $4.1 billion of the products, second to Barclays’ $4.5 billion in sales, according to StructuredRetailProducts.com.

Raymond James Loses $2.5 Million FINRA Arbitration

A FINRA panel ordered Raymond James to pay $2.5 million to investors who alleged that Raymond James failed to divulge ‘risk of illiquidity’ in auction-rate securities market

Raymond James Financial Inc., still carrying $600 million in auction rate securities. The firm is reportedly working to draw down its position in the ARS market, which seized up in February 2008, precipitating the credit crisis. When the market froze, Raymond James clients held $1.9 billion of the securities.

UBS re-Files Highland Capital CDO Case

UBS is re-filing its lawsuit against distressed hedge fund firm Highland Capital claiming the firm did the Swiss bank out of $686 million in a CDO deal.

The new case, filed Monday in New York State court, is reminiscent of the SEC’s case against Goldman Sachs over a CDO deal gone bad. However, in the UBS case, it is the bank that is claiming to be the wronged party.

UBS is alleging that Highland didn’t tell it about some of its counterparties’ weaknesses when the bank consented to restructure the CDO deal after losses started piling up 2007.

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